Mexican Fiesta
Schenck: el 26 de enero
Stearns: el 27 de enero

No se olviden tu dinero ($2.00)

a cheese-filled tortilla which is folded in half and grilled until the cheese melts. It can also be filled with other vegetables and meats such as ham, beef, pork, squash flowers, cacti called nopales, refried beans, etc.

1. ¿Te gustan las quesadillas?
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Nachos con queso:
Fried tortilla chips covered in melted cheese and jalapeño slices. Can be served warm or cold. They are also called "totopos".

2. Los _ son de tortillas y queso.
3. ¿Los totopos son deliciosos o no son deliciosos?
They are a deep-fried burrito that is more common in the northern parts of Mexico and in southern U.S. Typical "Tex-Mex", or Americanized Mexican dish. The ingredients can be chicken, beef, refried beans, etc. Usually topped with guacamole and/or sour cream.

3. ¿Una chimichanga es una comida tipica de cuàl estado unidense?
Rice is very typical with Latina foods. Hispanics eat rice more often than potatos as a side dish with their meals. There are many different rice dishes with various meats and spices.

4. ¿Còmo se dice "rice" en español?
Frijoles refritos:
Refried beans are eaten along with almost all meals. It is typical to top them with salsa or to put them in the tortilla.

5. ¿Te gustan los frijoles refritos o no te gustan los frijoles refritos?