The drummer of Elegante Sport is a family friend and former exchange student, David Hernandez

Shakira was born in Colombia but her parents were from the Middle East.
Her music is full of rhythms from the indigenous people of the Andes and from
the Middle East.
shakira - ojos asi

Enrique Iglesias "Hero" is a love story in song. It doesn't have a good ending.
Enrique Iglesias - Hero

Monica Naranja can really scream. This is her English version of "No Voy a LLorar" (I Ain't Gonna Cry)
I aint gonna cry

This video from the rock band ManĂ¡ is shot on location in many famous places in Mexico.
MANA - Vivir Sin Aire

Selena was known as the Queen of Cumbia, a Latino dance. She was killed just as her music career was about to take off. She is attributed with the "Latin" explosion that happened in pop music during the 90's and early 2000's as the careers of many well-known pop artists took off. Her brother, AB Quintanilla, has continued in the music business and his hip hop (reggaton) group, Kumbia Kings, continues to pay tribute to Selena.
Baila Esta Cumbia (KK)

Celia Cruz's music career spanned many generations and she died well into her 80's still loved and adored by all Latin America. She was the Queen of Salsa, and in this Miami Spring Break video, fans from everywhere show off their salsa dance moves.

The rock band RBD started out as the cast of a telenovela, Rebelde. In the first season, they began their own band and the music from the show took off. Their producer formed a band, RBD, in order to give them their own, separate identity, apart from the show.
"Tu Amor" is Spanglish with the group practicing their great English skills.